Metalkraft Hydraulic workshop press WPP 100 HBK

Metalkraft Hydraulic workshop press WPP 100 HBK

Hydraulic workshop press WPP 100 HBK

  • Increased stability due to improved design of the machine base, cylinder adjustment via handle and hand wheel, manometer on the machine side
  • Suitable for assembly and straightening work as well as for workpiece checks or the pressing and pressing of bearings and other components
  • Ideal for technical workshops, repair shops and technical training facilities
  • With two piston speeds and pressure regulation by throttle screw
  • Pressure gauge for pressure gauge
  • Heavy machine frame welded from steel profiles to absorb the resulting compressive force of the cylinder
  • The hydraulics work extremely precisely in both electrical and manual mode
  • Adjustment of the cylinder via rack to handwheel
  • Heavy and robust welded construction
  • More extensive accessories
  • Quality made in Europe

Equipment details

  • Convenient and clear operation of the hydraulic unit
  • Sturdy frame construction while flatter construction
  • Quick and easy adjustment of the cylinder via rack and handwheel
  • Easy table height distribution with the help of the hydraulic cylinder and fastening bolts

Pressure force100 t

  • Piston stroke320 mm
  • Piston travel550 mm
  • Lowering speed10 mm/s
  • Press speed1.5 mm/s

Dimensions and weights

  • Clear width1030 mm
  • Max. installation height1000 mm
  • Frame depth265 mm
  • Length approx.1600 mm
  • Width/depth approx.850 mm
  • Height approx.2280 mm
  • Weight approx.980 kg

Electrical Data

  • Supply voltage400 V

Hydraulic system

  • Hydraulic oil tank capacity30 l
  • Hydraulic oil operating capacity25 l